Our wines

All our grapes are hand picked from the Mazza Vineyard in a stunning valley 200km south of Perth. In 2002, we planted five acres with six Spanish and Portuguese red grape varieties on a single vineyard site in the Preston Valley with deep red loam-over-clay soils and minimal irrigation. In 2008 we extended the vineyard, planting another two and half acres each of Bastardo and Touriga Nacional.



Bastardo is traditionally used in Port blends as it quickly ripens to a very high sugar content. We discovered it has very little colour in the skin of the fruit so it makes a delicious, crisp rosé.  Salmon-pink in colour with strawberry aromas. We believe we make the only commercially available Bastardo rosé in Australia.


2015 Bastardo, $20 per bottle - "Salmon-pink; a fragrant, spicy bouquet, juicy mouthfeel, spice and red fruits, good length. 90 points. Listed as wine considered to offer special value for money." James Halliday (2016).


Cinque (This is where the Sousão comes in)

Sousão is a low yeilding, moderately vigourous vine from Portugal that produces small, tight bunches of dark fruit. The juice is very deep purple, almost inky, in colour and high in acid. We used the 2007 Sousão in an interesting blend with Tempranillo and Bastardo. That blend evolved to become our Cinque which now is made from five varieties - Sousão, Tinta Cão, Graciano, Tempranillo and Touriga Nacional.  All our Sousão is used in the Cinque blend.

2009 Cinque, $35 per bottle - "Made with Sousao/Graciano/Touriga Nacional/Tinta Cao/Tempranillo, the cooler, maritime climate of south west Western Australia has restrained these sun worshipping varieties. The flavours are dried cherry fruit with marzipan and cinnamon to smell and taste. Its fine tannins and gentle acidity make this the softest of Mazza’s red wines. An amenable texture and fruitiness to surprise the most reticent convert to ‘alternative’ grapes grown in Australia."
Richard Veal, Australian Wine Specialist, Berry Bros and Rudd, UK

"Bright, clear purple-crimson; the blend of Sousao/Graciano/Touriga Nacional/Tinta Cao/Tempranillo gives a fragrant bouquet of spicy black and red cherry fruits leads into a light-to medium-bodied palate with savoury tannins built into the wine from start to finish; overall elegance; 280 dozen made. 93 points." James Halliday (2011).

2010 Cinque, $32 per bottle - "A blend of sousao, graciano, touriga national, tinta cao and tempranillo, a blend to end all blends in this idiom. The clear, bright colour leads into the fragrant berry and spice aromas of the bouquet; the next step is the medium-bodied palate, most impressive is the way the silky tannins have been handled. 93 points." James Halliday (2012).

2011 Cinque, $32 per bottle - "A full-on Iberian Peninsula blend of tempranillo, touriga nacional, graciano, tinta cao and souzao, The colour is good, the bouquet and palate with a mosaic of red and black fruits delicately stitched together by fine/savoury tannins. 93 points." James Halliday (2014).



Graciano is traditionally blended with Tempranillo to create Spain's most famous red wine, Rioja, but we think it is special enough to stand on its own. Our Graciano has a rich aroma of spice, ripe plums and tobacco with a generous palate of dark cherry flavours and fine savoury tannins. Our first Graciano was produced in 2007. 

2010 Graciano, $30 per bottle - "Unusually this Graciano is made into a single varietal wine. When in its normal role in Rioja, Graciano could be viewed with regard to Tempranillo as Chewbacca is to Han Solo: necessary to the plot but pretty hard to work out what he’s saying. More subtle and fruity than other rare examples, the red fruits are spiked with Asian spices and dried flowers. Acidity and tannins sit closely, like teenagers on a third date, holding hands and are very unlikely to let go any time soon."
Richard Veal, Australian Wine Specialist from Berry Bros and Rudd, UK 

"Mid-crimson; unusual fresh tobacco character on the bouquet; an elegant medium-bodied palate with raspberry and red cherry fruit supported by fine tannins; 80 dozen made. 92 points." James Halliday (2013)

2011 Graciano, $30 per bottle - "Good crimson-purple colour for a variety not know for colour; the palate, too, is much more generous than most of its ilk, well capable of standing on its own two feet rather than in a blend. 93 points." James Halliday (2014)



Tempranillo is a famous Spanish grape variety that is becoming popular in Australia. We have discovered it grows particularly well in the Geographe region. This vibrant medium-bodied wine has an aroma of dark cherries with spice and liquorice nuances. The palate is loaded with rich, plummy fruit, firm ripe tannins, and pleasing complexity.  We have produced a single varietal Tempranillo every year since 2004.

2006 Tempranillo, $35 per bottle - "Cigar box and spice nuances to the bouquet, then some bottle-developed complexity, moving the black cherry fruit towards the sour cherry; has overall balance. 92 points (out of 100)."  James Halliday (2012)

2007 Tempranillo, $32 per bottle - "..the aromas are very attractive, with spice and liquorice nuances to the mainframe of cherry fruit, the tannins more savoury, with that touch of citrus pith on the finish that I see in many Australian tempranillos. 92 points." James Halliday (2012)

Scoop Magazine (Autumn 09) awarded our 2007 Tempranillo a silver medal and highlighted it as the " Pick of the Region." They described it as "a vibrant version of the important Spanish cultivar, Tempranillo... loaded with ripe, plummy fruit, firm ripe tannins, pleasing complexity and a minty edge. Clean, long and fresh, this wine would match most Mediterranean style dishes."

2008 Tempranillo, $32 per bottle - Gold medal and Best Spanish Varietal at the 2010 Australian Alternative Varieties Wine Show, Chief Judge Max Allen. 

"Clear purple-red; the bouquet has a display of black cherry fruit, then a harmonious medium-bodied palate with fine quality, ripe tannins woven through the cherry fruit, oak sensibly controlled. 93 points." James Halliday (2012)

2009 Tempranillo, $32 per bottle - "Light but bright hue, still purple; fine tannins run right through the length of the palate; cherry and plum fruit, confronted by the tannins, the final outcome some years away. By far the largest varietal production for Mazza, with 370 dozen made. 90 points." James Halliday (2013)

Note: The 09 Tempranillo is almost sold out and only available as part of the Tempranillo Vertical Tasting Case  

2010 Tempranillo, $32 per bottle - "Light, clear crimson; the bouquet is fragrant, and the palate takes you on a wild ride, with red cherry fruits, tannins and a final citrus twist on the finish that is so typical of this variety. Needs a couple of years for these very different parts to come together. 89 points." James Halliday (2013 edition)

2011 Tempranillo, $30 per bottle - "Bright hue, although not especially deep; cinnamon and nutmeg spice notes threaded through the fruit is decidedly unusual, but the mouthfeel is good, and there is enough varietal character to satisfy. 90 points." James Halliday (2014).


Tinta Cão

Tinta Cão is a rare Portuguese grape variety that makes a delicious medium bodied wine with lovely floral aromatics. Our Tinta Cão has a distinctive raspberry aroma with balanced tannins and a spicy finish. Our first Tinta Cão was produced from the 2007 vintage. We also use Tinta Cão in our Cinque blend of five varieties. This one is Dave's dads' favourite. Perfect with red sauce and tastes amazing with asparagus. 

2011 Tinta Cão, $35 per bottle - "Bright red-purple; a fragrant bouquet; the palate has savoury/sinewy/leafy notes strung through the light-bodied red fruits, fine tannins to close. 90 points"  James Halliday (2014)


Touriga Nacional

Touriga Nacional is a Portuguese variety that makes wonderfully aromatic wines. A bouquet of gently spiced black fruit leads into a particularly well-structured palate of dark berries finishing with fine savoury tannins. We were so delighted with the results of our small vintage of Touriga in 2007 that we planted another four and half acres of it in 2008. 

2011 Touriga Nacional, $35 per bottle - "Strongly coloured, not always the case in Australia; a rich wine with considerable structure to its dark fruits, yet not dry or tannic. 93 points." James Halliday (2014)

2012 Touriga Nacional, $35 per bottle  - "Juicy, spicy and fresh; light to medium-bodied but has poise and length, fine tannins providing structure. Enjoyable on any terms. 93 points." James Halliday (2016)

2013 Touriga Nacional, $35 per bottle - "So good it's already sold out. Sorry." Anne Mazza